Case Studies: 11 Shocking Make Money Online Success Stories That Are Real

Who doesn’t want to earn enough to live inside their means, enough that they don’t have to care about what time of the month it is. Well, it is not as difficult as you think.  
Here are some of the most creative ways to bring in some cash with case studies. Read on this article to find out how to make a 100$ every single day and you won’t have to worry regarding your finances one more day in your life.


***NOTE: Method 1, can't make you rich, Only Method 2 can make you rich. But Method 1 could earn you some respectable pocket cash or cover your method 2 expenses ($19). These methods designed for Zero to Hero.

Most of the earners use Method 1 to earn some respectable money to cover Method 2 expenses. Check below income proofs.

Method 1: FREE Survey

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Method 2: Finally, Wealthy Affiliate: Best Method

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  • 1-on-1 Coaching
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Training
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  • Live Video Classes
  • Earn While You Learn
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  • Website Backup
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  • Personal Affiliate Blog
  • Training Classrooms

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Since 2008 he tried to make money online. He wanted to be his own boss and work from home. Unfortunately, that’s not easy and struggled a lot.

He tried a lot of making money online programs and products but failed except 3 methods. He created an account on more than 5 survey sites, and start taking surveys.

Method 1: FREE Online Surveys

PRO TIP: Signing up for several survey sites will help you EARN THE MOST MONEY. You’ll be eligible for more surveys, and it will allow you to pick the ones that pay the most money (helping you make the best use of your time).

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  2. Survey Junkie – Take Surveys. Get paid
  3. Pinecone Research – Earn $3 Per Survey
  4. InboxDollars – You can get $5 Sign Up Bonus.
  5. Vindale Research – Get $1 Sign Up Bonus & Earn $50 per surveys.

This site doesn’t claim to make you rich, but they could earn you some respectable pocket cash or cover your monthly expenses.

Method 2: Proofreading

He completed‘s free workshop, and get free training from there. The job of a proofreader is to look for typos, misspellings, grammatical errors and punctuation mistakes in the written content. You are supposed to recheck the content that has already been written by someone else and give it a final check to fix mistakes so that its error-free upon publication and that written content can be of any form. It can be a booklet, a newspaper, a blog post, a presentation, a story, a novel, a pamphlet, an advertisement, a transcript, a resume, a scholarship essay, and just anything.

Method 3: Finally, Wealthy Affiliate: Best Method

Does Wealthy Affiliate Really Work?

The answer is a big YESSSSS!

All he did is followed the Wealthy Affiliate training to the letter. The best thing he liked about wealthy affiliate is finding all the training, tools, support and guidance in one place.

The community is awesome and the weekly webinars are the best to keep us up to date in this game. See my earnings…

Often people ask him is it really possible to earn $100+ in a single day. The answer is YES! his Highest Per Day Earning is $175 In Affiliate Marketing. See the proofs below.

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Take FREE Training from Wealthy Affiliate and Earn Like this.

2) Grace, aka Littlemama.

Grace has been a member of WA for sometime now and I actually got to meet her recently in Las Vegas, when we both attended the annual WA conference.

She is a very kind lady and it was a pleasure to meet her. She basically got her results by following the WA bootcamp course and became a super affiliate for the program.

You can read one of her blog posts where she discusses how she earned $40k in a year promoting WA to others here:

Now the $40k is one of the many results Grace gets from this platform and becoming a member in WA (which you can do for free), you can check out all her blog posts.

3) Eric.

I met Eric last year in Vegas and we reconnected this year too (along with Grace). He’s been promoting WA for a long time as well and is also one of their biggest promoters. Here is one of his blog posts where he explained how he earned $7,000 in a matter of a few days of promoting WA during it’s Black Friday event:

I also want to note real quick that some of the success stories featured here are from people who do NOT promote WA and run their own businesses promoting other things. Like I have said throughout my talks about WA, they do NOT only teach you to promote them, but how to build an online business from any topic.

And of course, here is Eric’s blog where he actually brings in the traffic and money.

4) Craig’s Amazon success post.

I have to be honest, I don’t really know Craig, but I did find the following post (and info on the member) from looking WA’s success post area. One of the posts this gent has is on his results promoting things on Amazon and getting to near $1,000 in affiliate earnings from it:

Now as for Craig’s site, I currently don’t have a link, but I did reach out to him to see if he wants to share it (he might be one of the private success stories I talked about). If he shares it, I will provide it here with an update.

What I can tell you though is that Craig’s results come from promoting something other than WA.

5) Brandon.

I don’t know much about Brandon, other than the following post I’m about to share with you where he talks about selling a site and making over $10,000 on the sale. As far as I know, Brandon does NOT promote WA, but here is that post where he shares his results:

Believe it or not, flipping websites (sounds like real estate, because it technically is, digital real estate that is) is a legit business and if you can grow a website to get a lot of traffic and sales, then you can also elect to sell that site.

For example, my website earned over $50k last year (report), and if I decided to sell it, I’d probably get $200k+ for it Even though I have no intent to sell my site). Either way, this is another way you can make money online and WA will teach you how.

I don’t have a link to Brandon’s site either (he probably practices selling sites) but if you’re reading this Brandon, congratulations on the success and if you have a blog you’d like to share with myself and my readers, please let me know below.

6) John.

John is also a massive success story in WA. To be honest, I didn’t really see what business model he uses to make his money, but it sounds high ticket and consulting related, meaning he probably consults with clients and gets paid big money for this (it’s a legit business model, people like Sam Ovens practice that and teach it).

Anyway, here is a post about how much he made from a single lead in 1 day:

I do believe John has a multi promotional business where he not only promotes WA, but also promoted other things like Bitcoin.

Here is a link to his blog. Congratulations John!

7) John Cruz.

John happens to be one of my closest WA friends and we met several times in Vegas throughout the years, but recently even started doing a hiking trip every time we meet.

Last year we visited Zion National Park and in 2019, we hit up Mt.Charleston near Las Vegas. Both trips were incredible and we aim to only continue doing this every time!

It’s become a tradition that many of our Vegas colleges were skeptical of (because we woke up early to go and it was very far!) but now are more and more on board. We’re marketing our trips to marketers here!

Anyway, John runs a blog also promoting WA and here is one of his success stories:

John runs an awesome blog called where he promotes products to help dads raise their kids.

8) Melody.

Melody is also someone who like to sell websites, and her story is a “bit” larger than Brandon’s above. She made an over $30k sale on one of her sites she sold. Here is a link to her article:

9) Jerry.

Jerry runs a blog called and I do believe he is the youngest WA super affiliate so far. At about 20 (could be 19), he made his first Vegas trip this past month and it was nice to meet him.

Here is one of his many case studies where he cites some HUGE revenue numbers for his blog:

Jerry does also promote other things on his blog you’re welcome to check out in the link above.

10) Dave.

Dave is an interesting story. He basically landed a gig and added a extra $100k to his income by helping improve an existing site that he doesn’t own. And this is certainly one of the possible ways one can generate a six figure income online, and I have my own six figure stories like this.

The ability to consult and help other businesses improve their site’s look and reach (marketing) is a huge industry and Dave, using the skills he got from WA landed him to get this job. Here is his post explaining that:

I’m not sure if Dave owns a blog or he’s just a consultant, but either way, I congratulate him on landing this gig and quite honestly, it doesn’t require a lot of work either based on that blog post he wrote.

11) Mike.

Mike, the last one on this list, is also another person I ran into in Vegas during the WA conference there. He was a former trucker, turned full time affiliate marketer and he too runs a great blog you can check out here.

Here is one of Mike’s posts about what he managed to get done thanks to WA:

One of the awesome things this dude has done is taken the affiliate marketing business he learned from WA and applied it to traveling across the United States. He has some awesome stories he shared with me when we met and you’re welcome to check them out on his blog I linked above.

Proven Money Making Methods Recap:

Method 1: FREE Survey

PRO TIP: Signing up for several survey sites will help you EARN THE MOST MONEY. You’ll be eligible for more surveys, and it will allow you to pick the ones that pay the most money (helping you make the best use of your time).

  • Swagbucks – You can Get $10 Sign Up Bonus.
  • Survey Junkie – Take Surveys. Get paid
  • Pinecone Research – Earn $3 Per Survey
  • InboxDollars – You can get $5 Sign Up Bonus.
  • Vindale Research – Get $1 Sign Up Bonus & Earn      $50 per surveys.
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    Case Studies 11 Shocking Make Money Online Success Stories That Are Real

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