Diffuse Your Anger in 5 Seconds


So, you know what’s really frustrating? When you’re at the store and seriously, like everyone is just walking in front of you. Some people will even take their sweet ol’ time. You’re trying to be polite and let them go in front of you, they do, and just stand there blocking the aisle for 10 minutes. I mean, I can understand a few people, but there are times, where I swear I have a sign on my forehead that says “Please walk out in front of me” “Please try to run me over with your cart, it’s okay, I’m insured.” Ugh! Seems like politeness and manners are sorely lacking these days. Then you get to the checker and she’s got the worst attitude of all of them.

Whether it's a co-worker getting on your last nerve, a customer, or your kids who know just how to push your buttons, you are sure to come across some anger in your life. Here's how to Diffuse Your Anger in 5 Seconds...yes literally! 5 seconds!

Ever have a trip like that?

Trying to get along with others is not always easy. Whether you’re at the grocery store, driving in your car, or working with that annoying co-worker (yeah, everyone has one!) life is so much easier with oils. That’s why I always carry Thyme essential oil with me. There have been a few times, okay, several in the past few years, where I’ve had to pull out my Thyme oil and put it on my wrists.

Ahhh, within a few seconds, I’m completely calm, not mad, just relaxed.

Not only do essential oils work, and work well, they work LIGHTNING FAST! You can literally rub the oil on and within seconds, be totally fine!

If you want to use Thyme essential oil for yourself, there’s one thing you need to know. It’s a spicier oil, so make sure to heavily dilute it with Fractionated Coconut Oil (FCO). The ratio is 5 drops FCO to 1 drop Thyme. I keep mine in a 10 ml roll-on bottle for easy and super quick application for myself and my little ones when they’ve had a bad day at school.

Sometimes we, and especially kids, don’t understand or know exactly what emotion they are feeling. To diffuse any negative emotion, I love to use my Zyto Bio-scanner. It picks up emotions and tells you exactly which essential oil your body needs right at that moment. You simply put your hand on the mouse and it reads it. It’s seriously cool. You can read my full review on the Zyto Bio-scanner here.

Update: I was asked where to get the roll on bottle. The roll on bottles you can find here. Make sure you dilute the oil with Fractionated Coconut Oil as Thyme is a spicier oil – 5 drops coconut oil to 1 drop Thyme. The bottles are very inexpensive and are 10 ml. I’ve had my roll on bottle for about a year now and I’ve not had to refill it once yet. It lasts a really long time. When I’m in public, I will roll it on my wrists. The best place is the bottom of your feet if you’re at home.

I made some pretty roll on bottle labels for you too! You can grab them below…

Download the essential oil bottle labels here

You can also diffuse Thyme in your home to affect your household mood without starting a fight. Often times when my ex-husband would come home angry or cranky from work, I’d diffuse oils and he’d feel better and I never had to even make it a big deal. Most of the time, he didn’t even realize I was helping. You know…sometimes that pride issue. People WANT to be mad, pick a fight, etc.

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