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Is it Possible to Make Money Online by Taking Surveys?

One of the easiest ways to earn real money for both professionals and amateurs is by taking paid surveys. Most people in Australia, young and old, are finding their free time productive by engaging themselves in multiple online surveys.

However, the real issue has been to determine a genuine survey and a counterfeit. Luckily, most people have identified genuine ones and have been able to make real money. It is, however, good to note that surveys cannot adequately cater to your needs, but surely, they can supplement your earning.

Instead of spending hours making someone productive through watching movies and videos on YouTube and Netflix, why not get into taking surveys, answering simple questions, and watching videos that you get paid. All you need is to earn some points which you can redeem and have some bucks or use it for shopping.

Best Sites to Start Earnings Today

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Why are Companies Using Paid Surveys

One of the best things that most online survey companies have done is to incorporate not gift cards but cash prices where you can redeem your points into cash in your PayPal account. This is a significant advancement that is helping many people get extra money.

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Now you can play games, answer trivia questions, complete surveys, fill some word patterns, or watch videos to get points. One of the issues in the minds of many is how much one can earn if, indeed, it is possible to make money using these surveys?

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Well, although these will depend on how much points you will earn, surveys cannot give you a full-time job. Nevertheless, they are suitable for some perks, gifts, and coffees.

You might view it as ridiculous for a company to give you some bucks for typically answering simple questions. Well, most companies across the globe rely on customer’s feedback to determine the kind of products to produce, their quantity, and which region or age bracket they should target.

The information you give them is an integral part of the decision made in the company or organization. These decisions may relate to a specific department in an organization. This is what leads to the creation of various types of surveys. Here are some of the most prevalent types of surveys.

Types of Surveys

Although there are multiple tools to use in determining the need of your customers, the survey is one method that has proven effective for many businesses. Here are some types of surveys that you will encounter:

  • Market Research – in this survey, you will answer how products are bought and where they are purchased from. From your information, the business will know which direction to take in their product market.
  • Customer Satisfaction – This is one of the most typical surveys that you will encounter when conducting your paid surveys. This is where you give an opinion of certain products and the level of satisfaction it has given you. You say how pleased you are with the product they have released.
  • Brand awareness – this is where you give your honest reviews on how well you can recognize a particular brand and how trustworthy it is to you. This enables the business to know how loyal their customers are to their brand.

Of course, there are other types of surveys that you will come across. But before you start doing these kinds of surveys, you will know how it works.

How to Get Started

1. Getting a Genuine company

This is perhaps one of the most challenging aspects to establish, having in mind the hundreds if not thousands of companies that need your feedback. Get a genuine company to get started.

2. Create an Account

You will need to have your account with a good profile. Most of the surveys have a particular location or demographic that it targets. This makes it very important to fill all the relevant information.

3. Get the relevant surveys

Certain websites have surveys ready from various companies, while others you will have to wait to get surveys from the company itself. Whichever way, you will always be notified online using your email.

Some paid online surveys, whether in Australia, the US, or any part of the world, will require you to fill some presurvey questions to determine if you are the right candidate. Nevertheless, others are accessible directly without any hassle.

4. Take the online surveys

You will need to give honest answers to the questions asked. Some could be as short as they will take you five minutes to complete while others you need more than fifteen minutes. The longer the period of completion, the more the points. Others may require you to do some typing or just choosing specific answers.

5. Get Your Reward

After you have answered the questions, the next thing is to get your reward. Some survey websites will give the points immediately for short surveys while others deposit them after 12 hours.

Depending on the company, you can receive cash immediately to your credit card or PayPal account, while others give you points that you can redeem to get gifts or do your shopping. It is crucial to understand the entire process before you start taking surveys.

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