Free Cute Paper Dolls Printable For Kids


Printables are amazing!!! Not only can they be used to plan your days, keep the house clean, and organize homework assignments; but they can also be used as free printable games for your children! 

Print and cut out these super cute paper dolls with clothes and let your kids have tons of FUN!!!

Cute Paper Dolls Printable Free For Kids

Cute Paper Dolls Printable Free For Kids

If you have a daughter who enjoys playing with dolls, this FREE printable set will be an exciting surprise. All you have to do is download, print, and let your daughter put together the outfits and accessories of these paper dolls!

This paper doll activity would be perfect to bring for your daughter during outings such as restaurants or “boring grown up events” and can be printed out numerous times for numerous kids!

These paper doll printables would also make GREAT stocking stuffers for Christmas, or could be an adorable surprise for a friend’s daughter.

Included dress ups, accessories, and clothing are: 

  • Mermaid outfit
  • Crown
  • Lips
  • Bow
  • Heart-shaped sunglasses
  • Love quote
  • Glasses
  • Shoes
  • Sippy cup / Bottle
  • Pink princess dress
  • Star
  • Cactus lipstick
  • Headband
  • Watermelon
  • Heart toy
  • Teal dress
  • Party fizzy toy
  • Music note
  • Party hat and confetti
  • Magnet
  • LOL quote
  • Pacifier
  • Unicorn party outfit
  • Unicorn headband
Cute Paper Dolls Printable Free For Kids

Download the cute paper dolls printable free for kids here.

Adorable Ways to Use These Printables

Want some ideas on how your kids can use these printables? Here are some suggestions…

Frame Them

If your daughter would like to have some new decorations in her bedroom, these printables can come in handy! Simply download and print these printables, and let your daughter customize them. 

After she’s done customizing them, get a beautiful frame, and hang it up on your daughters bedroom wall! You can have her pick her favorite doll printable to frame, or you can print, and hang them all up as a set. 

Doesn’t that sound adorable?!

Give Them as Birthday Cards

These cute printable dolls could also be turned into the PERFECT birthday card! 

Download and print them, then write a special message on the back. This could be an adorable gift to give to your niece, or your daughter could give them to her best friends!

To make it even more fun, you could let your daughter decorate the card with some glitter to make it extra sparkly. 

Speaking of birthday cards…

Slumber Party Craft

How cute would it be to print out a bunch of these and let the girls at your daughter’s next slumber party go wild with them?! You can even print them smaller, get some Popsicle sticks and glue them on Popsicle sticks (a couple of these dolls are already sized smaller). 🙂 

Any type of party or gathering would work. Easter party, Christmas party, slumber party, going to a friend’s house, anything where there’s a group of girls. They’d have SO much fun!!!

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