Get Paid To Test Free Products Online: 10 Legit Product Testing Sites


Over the years, product testing had been one of the most genuine ways to make money from home.  There are many benefits of working from home including not having to commute, working on your own schedule and so much more.  There are a variety of ways to make money from home with one of them being a product tester.

Generally, companies will send you sample products while others will send full sized ones, which you will test every month and then pay you for giving them your thoughts on the paid products.

Why Would A Company Pay for Your Opinion?

Most companies do this as part of their development cycle.  They are interested in hearing what regular folks like you and I think of the products they are creating and developing.

So before they release the product to the market, they want to hear your opinion.  Based on the feedback they receive they can then figure out the way forward.  It saves them time, money as well as brand reputation.

Here is How Product Testing Works:

You will need to contact a company that offers these opportunities and sign up.  Then you will fill out what they call a “screener survey” which basically lets them know if you qualify to be in the list of the next testing event for their products.  Depending on the product and also the company, you can make between $3 and $125.  In addition, the products are yours to keep!

Samples I’ve Received In The Mail from PinchMe

How To Make Money Testing Free Products from Home
Free Products I’ve Received Brand Name Companies

Ready To Start Testing Free Products from Home?

Here are some companies that are happy to pay you to give your opinion on their products. Simply click the company name to get started:

Pinecone Research 

This company is by far one of the most trusted companies that have been around since the early 90s. They typically pay $3 for every product you evaluate before it hits the shelves. Pays via Paypal.


Want a free $5? Join Swagbucks! The site has a variety of ways you can make money taking surveys, testing products, participating in focus groups, playing games, and more. Open to multiple countries.

Valued Opinions

If you love beauty products this is just the ticket!  You get to test a variety of them and if you are part of their focus groups, you get even higher pay. Valued Opinions is also open to the following countries below:


You can actually have a steady stream of income with this company. They have great opportunities for both online surveys and product testing. They pay out two times each month in $50 multiple times via paypal. You do have to keep a $9.03 minimum balance. Free registration.


This company invites product testers from the USA, Australia, and Canada.  Once you land on their website, you will click on the tab that reads “Rewards”. From there click on the tab that reads “Test Products” in order to sign up.  Invitations to receive the free test products will come in your email.  They offer gift cards as well as money as rewards. Toluna is open to the following countries below:

National Consumer Panel ( NCP)

This market research company has been around for years, formerly known as Nielson Home Scan.  They will send you a FREE handheld scanner to use for scanning barcodes from household items. Then you are offered free electronics and other rewards for doing so.

Click on one of the following countries:

  • NCP Sign Up Link United States
  • NCP Sign Up Link Canada

Ipsos I-Say 

Ipsos is a large  survey provider with a variety of products to test from brand name companies. Ipsos I-Say is open to people who live in the following areas below:

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