Guidelines: How You Choose A Business To Earn Extra Income/Extra Money


A recent study of the keyword phrase “best home business” found that of the top 10 search results 100% of them were about different business ideas and opportunities. Of the top 20 search results, only 18 offered any insight into these business ideas. In another study of the keyword phrase “extra money” and a study of the keyword phrase “earn extra income,” both came up with similar results as the first study. But none of the results presented guidelines for choosing a business.

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This means that 90% of the information in these searches was dangled in front of people like a fishing line. The authors wanted to “catch” anyone with a suggestion or interest in a particular business or number of businesses.

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Now think about this. What is missing from this line of thought? Why is this perspective presented as a starting point? In our opinion, it’s time to back up and look at the missing step or element that should be included in your search for a business to earn extra income!

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The ingredient that is lacking is, “What is your guideline?” Guidelines that you set for yourself, which give you an understanding that will help you separate one idea from another or one opportunity from another opportunity. Some business ideas and opportunities have merit, but without some specific guidelines, you will be unable to determine what the best choice is for you. Don’t proceed blindly into these opportunities because you will be directed by what others are suggesting you should choose when in reality you are not ready to make any kind of a decision.

The best thing is for you to come up with some guidelines first, guidelines that you can adjust when additional good information is presented to you. You will either be in control of the information, or the information will be in control of you and lead you, step by step.

What are some of the things that you can use to guide your selection? Well, what is important to you regarding a business? Here are some ideas. Do you want to do a lot of sales? Do you want to work at it from 9 to 5? Do you want to build a repeat business, or do you want a one-time customer? Do you want to produce your own product, or do you want to be an affiliate and sell products of other businesses? Do you want your customer to become a part of your business organization? Do you want to earn residual type income? Are you a loner and not interested in interacting with people? Do you know what will be better for the current business climate, or are you just following a youthful dream?

These are just a few examples of things you may want your business to be made up of. Once you have settled on your guidelines, you can easily eliminate a lot of the suggestions thrown out for your eyes, plus you will have a better idea of areas to do your searches and zero in more accurately to what you want. You will be better prepared as well to understand how the economic conditions can affect your business.

Economic times and conditions change. They go up and down, sideways, become good and bad, grow and stagnate, expand and contract and on and on. What doesn’t change much is the desire to make extra money, to earn extra income.

The number of people found in this paradigm is not a fixed number; it changes slightly, but only by a slim amount compared to the fluctuation of the economic times and conditions. Those who look for ways to earn extra income, to make extra money, do so in any economic time. They even stay focused on maintaining a regular job or means of a steady income.

Then there are those who have no interest in earning extra income and are void of that pursuit in any economic condition. They very likely find it hard to maintain a regular job.

Economic times change in a big way, economic conditions change in a big way, markets change in a big way, products, services and technology change in a big way, and the employment and unemployment figures change in a big way. But people do not change as much with the times and conditions.

What seems to be the popular thing to do whenever someone tries to advise or give information on the Internet on this subject is to present an idea or an opportunity. You will soon find out, if you haven’t already, that there is no shortage of suggestions of how to earn extra money on the Internet. However, as you do your own search, you can review what was popular in the past and has been used to make money, or you can find out what the current popular opportunities are and what are being promoted to earn extra income now. You can also look into what is being advertised as opportunities that are trending. You can become aware of what opportunities are receiving a lot of publicity, or the latest opportunities that are just developing and coming into people’s awareness.

Whatever the case may be, focus first on your set of guidelines that will help you choose the right business to earn the extra income you want.

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