Need Extra Money – How to Find It and Make It


We all would love to have extra money at our disposal and when we begin thinking about acquiring that money it usually leads us down one straight forward path equaling more work. That path is possible and many people are already working incredibly long hours, working overtime, and taking on second jobs, but there is a simpler way that may just end up getting you the extra money you need.

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Look Before you Leap

Before leaping into a second job, look for extra money first. Below are 3 avenues to find extra money that may have been sitting there waiting for you all along:

Create a Budget

This is primarily one of the best ways to find extra money from the income you are already bringing in. I have outlined how to do this in a couple of articles already on my site.

Decrease Spending

If you have the motivation and ability to decrease spending in some areas of your life you will have an instant monetary gain. Creating a budget will help you greatly with this and the two go hand in hand.

Change Your Money Outlook

This one also has to do with your desire to know where your money is going as well as an interest in decreasing spending to keep more of the money you earn. All the money you earn does not have to be spent; much of it can be saved.

Sell Things

Go into your basement, attic, storage shed, or wherever you keep all the extra stuff you have and look for things that you can sell. If it’s been in a box for over a year or if you don’t even know what’s in the box, you probably won’t miss it. There are lots of avenues for selling things easily – the internet, local newspapers, swap sheets, community bulletins, garage sales, and of course word of mouth.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Let’s say you do create a budget, decrease your spending, sell a bunch of stuff, and actually do find some extra cash for yourself. That’s great, but what if that isn’t enough and you still need more money. At this point you could either contact your very rich long-lost uncle or you could take on extra work. If you do take on extra work think about working smarter, not harder.

Working smarter rather than harder means you take on some form of money “making” that is more convenient, easier, less time-consuming, and less stressful than actually getting another job and “earning” more money. And, yes there is a difference between “making money” and “earning money.”

Here are a few examples of working smarter rather than harder:

Using a hobby or something you are already into think of a way to make money off of that. (example: if you create paintings in your spare time try to sell some)

Take the knowledge and passion you have about a topic and create a blog or website and monetize it. (example: just like I am doing here and many others are doing across the web)

Offer consultations in your area of expertise. (example: if you know a lot about parenting hold a seminar at a community center)

Create a small business (that only uses 1 or 2 days/week) from something you have an interest in. (example: make an account on a site like and begin to sell the products they offer)

If you already have extra money put it to work for you. (example: save and invest your money – interest bearing accounts, real estate investments, etc.)

The examples above are only just a very small portion of what is actually out there for you to be able to bring in some extra money without having to go and get another regular job. Of course, you may be more comfortable with a regular job and that is completely OK, but if you are looking for something else, doing a little bit of research and trying out a couple different avenues could be well worth the effort.

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